Journal Club

Welcome to the NZASRDP Journal Club!


We invite members who are interested in providing an article and associated questions for the Journal Club to discuss this with the Board member representative from your area. Submission guidelines can be found here. Please note these guidelines have recently changed.


An individual or group may coordinate the journal article submission and questions with the following schedule:

  • February - Counties Manukau 
  • April - Auckland 
  • June - Melbourne Health
  • August - Hawkes Bay 
  • October - Waitemata 


We are excited to announce that our jounal club is moving to an online platform. Log in to your member area to access.


Please note, the journals below will be shortly be removed from our website. Some may be uploaded into the new platform, however they will no longer be accessible from outside the member area. If you would like to complete any of the journals below, we strongly recommend doing this as soon as possible.



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