Competencies can be defined as clusters of related behaviours, arising from an individual’s knowledge, skills and personal characteristics that are determinants of professional performance.
There are eight competency standards representing minimum requirements in key outcome areas for clinical renal physiologists in New Zealand and Australia. These competencies apply across the lifespan and continuum of care, integrate cultural diversity and are of equal importance. At all times the patient is central to the competencies.
Ongoing competence to practice is assessed by the recertification/continuing professional development (CPD) process, local policies/protocols/guidelines and performance processes, in alignment with organisational requirements.
The competencies are expressed in broad terms to allow for continual evolution of clinical renal physiologist practice. The competencies developed are to be read in conjunction with the clinical renal physiologist scope of practice.
The eight competencies standards are:

  1. Practice clinical dialysis in a professional manner
  2. Communicate effectively
  3. Assess, analyse and plan clinical dialysis interventions
  4. Provide safe and effective clinical dialysis treatment
  5. Apply educational principles to clinical dialysis practice
  6. Demonstrate autonomy, practicing within the limits of the certification program
  7. Apply management principles relevant to clinical dialysis
  8. Demonstrate dialysis related technical practice

To view the full handbook which includes the competency standards and scopes of practice, click here

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